The farmer stares at his two worthless children. Both of them are adopted, and today he is convinced that's the explanation....
-from the first novel by Kathryn J. Simpson

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Novel Ready for Publication: 

Standing With Buffalo

Emmaline Lowe was twenty-three years old when the heart in her father’s chest sputtered its last ba-BUMP. 
His legs folded crooked beneath him and the thoughts in his head drifted away in a cream-in-coffee swirl. 
Ten minutes later his wife Ruth rounded the corner of the bread aisle at the Smiley’s IGA and discovered his body. 
Ambulances were called and compressions administered. At the hospital, tubes were inserted. Doctors and nurses took every heroic measure. Six hours later everyone, Ruth included, agreed they had done all they could do. 
Sixty year-old Henry Lowe was remanded to the custody of the Douglas County Coroner’s office.

Novels Under Construction: 

A Philosophy of Wolves

The morning that Emily stepped in front of the Brown Line train started out like every other, except for one thing. The cottonwoods were blooming.   

Maude Dog In the Marigold Forest:

Run, run, jump! 
This is how the day starts, and Maude Dog is very, very happy. 

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Kathryn Simpson,
Feb 2, 2018, 10:37 AM