The Farmer's Story

    The farmer stares at his two worthless children. Both of them are adopted, and today he is convinced that's the explanation....

                                                                            -from the first novel by Kathryn J. Simpson

       Now available in hardcover, trade paperback and electronic formats.

New Novels Coming 2015 & 2016: 

Standing With Buffalo

The door to the chapel at Douglas County Funerals was a perfectly ordinary door. Emma had seen it two years before when her grandma died, 
and had walked in and out with no trepidation. But on the day her father lay inside it seemed more like the gaping throat 
of the giant asteroid space worm in The Empire Strikes Back....

A Philosophy of Wolves

The morning that Emily stepped in front of the Brown Line train started out like every other, except for one thing. The cottonwoods were blooming.    

Kathryn Simpson,
Mar 15, 2012, 5:54 PM