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I’d always daydreamed–since I was maybe eight years old–that when time came for me to be published a dapper gentleman dressed like Humphrey Bogart would magically come to my door, promising lucrative royalties and control over the ultimate rights to a screenplay. Alas, that’s why those things are called “daydreams.”

I’ve reached out to several (i.e. “dozens”) of publishers and agents. But patience is not my strong suit, and getting to this point has taken an excessively long time to begin with. You can say I’m coming a bit late to the Prom. So we decided self-publishing was the best way to get this kickball rolling. The husband likens it to the music scene. Small bands pay a studio to record their demos, then the demos get picked up by small indie labels, and then again by larger labels and so on.

I chose AuthorHouse for two main reasons. One being that their offices are in Indiana. The other reason is that my contacts there have been, from the beginning, so entirely supportive and patient with my ten thousand questions that I just really liked them. I’ve never felt a “hard sell” coming, never felt an air of condescension. And I really like their attitude that traditional publishing and its manipulation of writers is/has going/gone the way of the dodo. I’m thinking of it as guerrilla publishing. And since I’ll be 38 years old in a matter of weeks, and my Humphrey Bogart daydream is three decades overdue, I can appreciate a little guerrilla approach.

This link will take you to my book’s page. It will be updated as the kickball keeps rolling, of course, but this also takes you to AuthorHouse in general. You could conceivably use it to research your own guerrilla tactics.


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