In Under the Wire!

So…by this rationale I’ve got about 20 months to churn out books worth reading. Good thing I like deadlines!
Alan at AH suggests my guerrilla marketing campaign includes as many blog posts as I can muster. Must build an online following and some sense of reader loyalty for future projects. The challenge, of course, is to be charming over an extended period of time. Paraphrasing William Somerset (skillfully played by Morgan Freeman in David Fincher’s Se7en), “anyone who spends a considerable amount of time with me tends to find me disagreeable.” Plus, I have this whole techno-phobe thing going for me…. But, with no stack of $$ for a flush PR roll-out, what option do I have?
No. I am not complaining. Better, I think, to continue kind of making this up as I go along. Continue trying to be as honest as possible about the looming possibilities of embarrassment and public humiliation. I will blog/tweet/post/etcetera with dogged pursuit. At least for another twenty months. We can assess my fade into antiquity after I’ve hit the four decade mark. Who knows? Maybe by then 40 really will be the new 20?

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