Just more than three weeks now since my old school mate and pal Jacque Sue (Rawson) Waller disappeared seemingly without a trace. At this point, no change in her status has been reported. But, there was an interesting development in the world of social networking that relates to Jacque.

Back in the late 1980s an English teacher of mine made an observation that’s stuck with me ever since. “Interesting” is a word people use when they can’t think of anything nice to say. Anything constructive. And I would say that is a fully accurate way to describe my application of it here. Interesting that Jacque’s estranged husband has not reached out to her family. Interesting that he is not cooperating with law enforcement officials. More interesting, still, that he posted this wee missive on her FaceBook page.
On her FaceBook page. 
Lots of people who care about her are using the internet to spread news about what’s happening with Jacque. Websites and group pages have been organized to rally for a reward fund, for tee-shirt sales benefiting her triplets, for prayer vigils and bake sales. If you’re interested in more about some of those plans, you can visit and “like” this page:
So, yes. The internet is being used. FaceBook is a network. Prayers and best wishes and scriptures are being posted. It helps all of us who are feeling absolutely helpless get a sense that we’re connected and are trying to work together…even if progress seems ephemeral. I believe in my heart that Jacque’s family, and Jacque herself, would view these things in the spirit in which they’re intended.
But this new development…this semi-public electronic post and the declarations therein…. Well. I stand by my earlier acknowledgement that it’s not my role to place blame or cast suspicion. I’ll just say I think this is very interesting and I’ll leave it at that.
Very interesting indeed.

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