Patience, Shmatience.

Today marks the six-month anniversary of the evening my grade school pal Jacque (Rawson) Waller vanished. Six months since she disappeared from the lives of her family and friends and co-workers. If you’re new to my blog posts, you can read previous writings and find links to news reports and whatnot here: Ripple Effects & the Power of People. 6/14/11; here: Addendum. 6/22/11; and here: Ninety-Three Days. 9/1/2011. It all makes the stuff of a Lifetime movie, except it’s not staring Ann Jillian or based on a Nora Roberts book. It’s our friend/sister/daughter/mother. And no offense to Lifetime or its fans, but Jacque deserves so much more than to be another woman who got into a situation where she was physically bested by someone who was not her spiritual equal.

Sometimes June seems like yesterday. Other times it seems like it might have been a decade ago. So strange, isn’t it, how time can be subjective depending on the kind of day you’re having? I think that’s because Life continues its inevitable motion in spite of all that goes on around us; the things we expect, and all the things that we don’t have an answer to just yet. Some days fly, some drag butt while we ponder. Will a bank foreclose? Will a doctor return a call? Will a boss grant a raise or give a pink slip? All the questions and all the connected contingency plans…. All the unknowns that force us to be patient and wait for someone else to provide an answer. I am not a patient person, so I find it all simultaneously frustrating and infuriating. I doubt I am alone in that reaction. But, of course, wanting honest answers so we can select an appropriate contingency plan doesn’t just make them appear. Hence, we must be patient. Like it or not.
Meanwhile, Jacque’s family and friends go on in her absence, working diligently to provide as much stability as possible for her triplets and aid to the law enforcement teams searching for her and for answers. Things have developed in Jacque’s case* but overall it remains at a frustrating stalemate. Jacque has not been found. The person(s) who knows where she is has not revealed the secret. Lawyers pore over briefs, prosecutors file motions, police scour evidence, friends organize searches and vigils…. Everyone hoping for the one thing to present itself that could break the dam and bring the answer that matters most. Where is Jacque? Where is our sweet friend?
I believe as long as we’re being patient (-ish), we have to believe justice will take care of itself. It always does, one way or another. Call it God or Karma or Fate, it is a universal law that energy comes back to itself. What that will be here is not the question. Later maybe, but now now. Now, first and foremost, we have to know…. Where. Is. Jacque?
Jacque Sue (Rawson) Waller
Missing since June 1, 2011
*seMissourian coverage of Jacque’s case:

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