And It’s Slow And Steady, By A Nose!

Finally, almost unbelievably, there was progress this week in my pal Jacque (Rawson) Waller’s case. If you want or need to catch up on this situation, you can look at Ripple Effects & the Power of People. 6/14/11Patience, Shmatience. 12/1/2011, or–body-found.html is another recent news article.

Jacque has been missing for nearly a solid year. Close enough to a year for it to seem like ten years, at any rate. Her parents and brother and sister and triplets could certainly tell you better than I. It is still surreal that this vibrant young woman could have just vanished. So loved by her family, friends and coworkers, her disappearance has left a stream of dear humans scratching their heads and wondering “Huh? I just spoke to her!” “We just made plans to see each other!” 
Things have been happening, to be sure. Since the June evening Jacque allegedly went for a walk to get away from an argument with her estranged husband, people have been working hard to find her and bring her home. Law enforcement officials, K9 and mounted units and hundreds of volunteers have worked tirelessly to leave no stone unturned or bush unbeaten in an effort to locate her. To no avail. 
But slow and steady can win a race. It seems the wheels of justice are moving. Or at the very least, the wheels of karma. The husband from whom Jacque was separated has finally been charged with her murder. 1st Degree Murder, specifically. Jacque’s dear body has not yet been found and it is the hopes, I think, of everyone who loves her that the estranged husband will finally reveal that much during this next phase in the legal process.
But there is no guarantee Clay Waller will do any such thing. 
Revealing where she is is a huge culpability. We get it. No lawyer wants their client to admit such knowledge. But she is SOME WHERE. Why not just make it a teeny little bit easier by admitting where Jacque’s body is located?! Then maybe, just barely maybe, could “karma” lend a hand to the culprit and simultaneously bring a little peace to the people who love Jacque so very much? 
Marriages are hard. Marriages + children are terribly hard. No kidding. Everyone can relate on some level. We all lose our tempers to some degree and we ALL make mistakes. I truly think most juries could commiserate with that on some level. But this is just stupid. LET HER FAMILY BRING JACQUE HOME. It’s the very least Jacque’s killer can do to rectify the past. 
Just tell them where she is. After the last eleven months, it’s the most important thing on everyone’s minds. 
A 5K Walk/Run has been established in Jacque’s honor. 

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