Starting over. Again. 8/31/20

It’s normal to live without a crystal clear sense of what’s coming next, thought I had arrogantly convinced myself the majority of my life was at least as set as a pretty good pudding or flan. Because it’s responsible to make plans. And plan for plans and arrange our circumstances with those plans in mind and etcetera ad nauseam.

I know during this year in particular too many folks (all folks?) have had their plans and expectations shaken up like a boggle cube. For some of us, that shaking has in fact resulted in shattering. And I do not count myself as unique. I s’pose I get some measure of comfort in that. My specific circumstances may be spectacular to ME, but the condition of fracture, ambiguity, fear and up-in-the-airness is not mine alone. Never was.

So the question is how to use these spectacular circumstances and the associated changes to be learn and evolve? To ingress rather than digress?

I’m trying to figure that out.

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